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    Rick Hernandez

    Well started down that road to building a mpcnc.  Building a 24 x 24 rig.  Took about 90+ hours to print the parts out and utilizing some left over parts from 3d printer gone bad, I have been able to piece enough parts to start.

    I do have a question, I have both an MKS Gen L V1 and a MKS Sbase Smoothie clone, which would be optimal to  run on the mpcnc?  I know that one is older tech and the other newer 32 bit, but is 32 bit necessary?

    Also is the leadscrew on the gantry supposed to be tight?  I can turn the screw by hand, but it seems to me that my stepper may have a tough time rotating the screw.  I have verified that the two down rods on the z-axis are parallel and flat after the tool mount and upper and lower bracket are mounted.

    Some pics of my build.


    Erwin Vigilia

    Another SoCal build, welcome to the club! San Diego here.

    but is 32 bit necessary

    No, but it would be nice to know what/if any additional capabilities are available.

    Also is the leadscrew on the gantry supposed to be tight?

    Purely subjective (if you’re The Rock I’d be worried, hehe) – have you lubed it? Ryan’s kit comes with lube, application on mine made a world of difference.

    Have fun!


    Rick Hernandez

    Erwin,  almost next door neighbors.  Riverside proper myself.

    I used a lithium based lube.   Even after that twisting the leadscrew still takes some effort.  Will have to examine the gantry a little closer.



    It should turn almost effortlessly.


    Welcome….I miss SD…and surfing.

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