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    Thankyou Ryan. You have made me a very happy man.


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    Welcome to the crew homie!




    What did you use for the drag chain mounts, and what spindle are you planning on?

    I’m down in NSW and have now printed all my parts, cut all my tube, and waiting on my kit from the shop.

    My current plan is a Makita 700 with an ER11 collet system inserted as the first “bit”. Makes it longer but means any size mill will work.




    I used these mounts from thingiverse.

    Z Axis – &

    X & Y Axis –

    They aren’t perfect but got the job done for now.

    Haven’t had a chance to get anything more done than the first crown drawing as an initial test. I am just going to use my Ozito dremel tool for starters. Still working on getting it mounted securely and trammed up.  Will decide on a more powerful spindle down the line. If I can get the machine dialled in nicely I might spring for a decent air or water cooled spindle. I also have a Ryobi trim router I might try in the interim. But I want to be sure I can get it working well before I spend on a spindle.

    Happy assembly mate.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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