New Build: 25.4 SS 4×4' vacuum bed

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    Just got finished setting it up, still need to drill holes for vacuum chamber but I’m going to wait until I’m happy with the cutter.

    I managed to get the SS tubing for a couple bucks a LF so it worked out fairly inexpensive. Currently using a Ryobi 18V hand router that I’ve jacked to 32V and using a PWM speed controller that cost $4 from Aliexpress. It seems to do the job but I can’t take too much F&S at once.

    I built this to do cabinets for my basement, and maybe machine some aluminum pieces for a PCB mill I want to build.

    Currently running Repetier and using the E0/E1 as extra X and Y drivers so I didn’t have to split the standard ones up for 2 motors.

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