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    Could you check if I can use a standard MPCNC with a dremel 3000 to cut holes in an ABS made box like that:

    I want to make hundreds of these:

    could I use it to cut carbon effect sticker with the same holes?

    Is it the good project to start? (MPCNC)
    is it ok for Z axis?
    Is it strong enought for milling ABS?

    Thanks šŸ™‚



    Technically yes you can do that with a dremel, but the dremel will not last very long and there is a high chance of a poor surface finish. Becuase of the High runout.

    Yes you can cut the sticker with the drag knife.

    The shorter all the axis the better.



    Ok thanks a lot šŸ™‚

    so, if you confirm my choices and give me last advices, I’m going to:

    – Order a standard kit with Mini-Rambo here:
    Mostly Printed CNC Parts Bundle

    – Go to local stores to find best pipes I can (or order online)

    – Depending on their diameter, print the right parts from thingiverse (525 model) with my printer

    but if my dremel is not the best choice, could you advice me on what to buy?

    what final tool to buy for that strong kind of ABS?

    I will have Z axis by defaut, maybe not enough for the height of a box, just enought to make these holes going from one to the other… so I will need to make a kind of pit under the milling surface on the table, that’s right?

    THANKS again



    I prefer the dewalt 660. If you own a dremel give it a shot, for some it is plenty good enough.

    ABS is not very hard to cut.

    Just make the Z axis as short as you can, along with the X and Y as well. You don’t have to make a pit but you could.




    I don’t see in FAQ answer for that

    I will got 25mm tube
    so I check calculator

    default Z value is 100mm

    as I need to go with shorter Z axis (I see 1 to 1.5″ in faq) what 5/16 size do I need for what Z value in calculator?
    Z-Axis Desired Work Height:
    1x Allthread/Leadscrew length (minimum):



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