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    I made these two parts to mount the Banggood 3.5w laser to my MPCNC.  Although I’m interested in the HicWic quick change mount, I haven’t found one that matches the stock tool mount screw holes in the Z axis rods nor have I had time to make one and then see if that would even be compatible with other existing mounts that use that system.  I still have to remove the lower part of the DW660 mount and the top screws on that can be kind of a pain to get to.  I can leave the upper mount for the DW660 attached.

    Anyway, pretty basic mount for the 3.5w laser:

    Mount for the driver board:


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    Thank you Heath for posting these. I’m going to be printing these soon.

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    I have the HICWIC mount.
    Here is the laser mount.
    And here is the dewalt mount.

    I also use this same setup on the LR2.


    Tim W

    I see the vac mount in your pictures where did it come from?

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