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    That’s cool. The ‘I’ definitely looks like my grandpa’s handwriting though. Is that the cardboard surface?



    I thought it looked more like *my* hand-writing… 71 years will do that to you. Not sure really… the “I”s in “ENGINEERING” are slightly different and all the linework is [to me] alarmingly “shakey” in close like that. That is some heavy cardboard from a mattress box… but it seems smooth enough to not be the culprit. But maybe…



    David Rabbit

    Maybe try your laser burning on some Masonite?  That stuff is very smooth.



    The Lulzbot touch screen experiment panel finally arrived.

    I just looked through the files to get this working….yikes. I think I will need to shelf it for a bit. There is a lot to digest in there. I think I can get it working but it might be one hell of a rabbit hole once I get started if it doesn’t work right away.

Viewing 4 posts - 151 through 154 (of 154 total)

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