MPCNC my first cnc.

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    It really is best not to use dual endstops until you have a use, as you can see they complicate the crap out of everything (more so that even regular end stops) and I will never sell them as standard issue.


    Guys I’m not mad;D its better if we find the problem and have something thats work nice I have time. We have this GitHub runining ? or still work in progress. I’m not touching the piec from machine maby I can redo it.


    Douglas Bell


    Yeah you cant go into negatives using the Dual Endstops, its a pain on the Z as I haven’t put Endstops on it yet, so its Zero point is wherever its sitting when turned on, I have to remember to manually set my Z before switching on.

    Hi Yeah you can’t go into negatives using the Dual Endstops, its a pain on the Z as I haven’t put Endstops on it yet, so its Zero point is wherever its sitting when turned on, I have to remember to manually set my Z before switching on.

    Im sitting on it wright now trying to fix it. But I also make one thing thats maby will work for me;)



    OK Ryan I have working Z axis that can go in negative direction where X and Y axis are still locked so they can’t go more then endstops:) just need to clean the code and I will post it heare!!

    keep hacking.


    No_Limit_Z_move branch but it work from repeater and LCD probably we should youse some sort of variable to define if we should use that setings or not like MPCNC = true?



    I still have hope this will go upstream, so any mpcnc tag won’t work. It seems like the flag for going past zero just needs to be split into an x, y, and z flag. Did you forget from the jeffeb3 GitHub? Can you do a pr issitting the dual endstops branch? I can review and clean it up.


    Sure i just dont know that was existing any github for this firmware. When i come back from work i will redoit


    Ok im back and i can confirm that changes that i make in firmware fix the problem my mpcnc start cutting 🙂


    Ok small update machine is working now.  I was making mistake like most new and buy a lot of 4 flute bit so that suck. I order one flute so soon I should be on track. next few days probably I will be cutting some upgrade for machine case for electronic some parts for my dust Shue, parts for my new printers. For shure I need to dial speed of cutting and plunge but what Ryan provide  was perfect start settings. I will stick to this dual firmware as its make my life much easier I can cut larger piece in few steps and machine will be always in correct position( if I don’t move piece on table) that I think is big advantage even with tool change. And Ryan I won to Thanks You very much for your hard work my smile of small kid when machine was cutting first time was presuse:) Small pics for you guys.




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    After few cuts

    i can easly say that Nice project is 30% of success 70% is Good cam operation i will cut one more time now with cambam i see eslcam is realy Good software but for me is just not working.



    Is your bit sharp?


    Im going slow becose i have 4 flute bit still waiting for one flute the problem was with setings of Tabs height corect bit evrything was start be mess.



    The burning is what looks most unusual to me. I haven’t brunt anything except when my collet hit the workpiece.

    With a 4 flute, the theory says to go faster or lower your rpms. That might explain the burning. Something like 8mm/sec, with a 3mm doc would be a conservative starting place, I think. Then increase the doc if it’s doing well. But you’ll need low rpms so you’re pulling off enough material. But check the bits with your finger. If they got really hot, they may have dulled already.



    With simple patterns like that, I’m not sure the cam program will make any difference.


    Burn is from Where the piece popup and lock betwen wood and spindle so ignor that i have 8mm/sec.


    Burn is from Where the piece popup and lock betwen wood and spindle so ignor that i have 8mm/sec.


    And one more on machine



    I think you both got the email about the PR I just submitted, but if there are lurkers out there interested in the MIN_SOFTWARE_ENDSTOPS by axis, I put it here:

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    Yep got it but I will not have time to test it out I’m pretty occupied now and tomorrow I’m going for 3 weeks for delegation. I will check it when I come back.


    after using Mpcnc for a while I have some thoughts.

    • china spindle 600W and beloow suck! as far as when I was having 4 flute endemic it was cutting ok with slower speed with single flute is just suck I think I just don’t have RPM to make this bit spin. So that pretty suck:P
    • machine need to be level with your table especially when you engraving.
    • If you are using so shiny pipe like mine and GT2 belts with steel core sand ends of your pipes;P this belts will you slide corners to inside.
    • dust collection is so nice to have:D
    • Smartcontroller suck. so many time I miss clic that I’m just tired.


    just so we are clear probably nothing of above will happen if I will go 100% with what Ryan recommend but I like hack staff. And I like to make thinks.

    Plans for next upgrade.(probably this year.)

    • 5 Axis TB6560 CNC Stepper Motor Driver Controller Board. (maby I will use Arduino uno with grbl firmware to connect through  usb.
    • some sort of PC with LINUXCNC maby later move to mach3.
    • some sort of jogger to move around.
    • probably I will cut slightly dimension of the cnc.
    • Spindle 800W-1,5kW 24000RPM with controller.(somebody have some experience ?)
    • make some sort of box for all electronics.




    GRLB in da house.

    I came back home 2 days ago. Get some packages so I can continue with work. I was cutting some parts on my cnc and machine was going crazy it was not the first time that I was having some issue but I was not sure what the heck is going on. And I just give up for now.I mount new driver board and try to connect it to pc thrue some LPT USB adapter and fail. mach3 don’t react. then I read little bit and its look if I won’t to drive this board from mach 3 I need special adapter u100 I think. So I order it. but I need to spindle this machine it can just stand. so I take one of Arduino uno that is laying around put GRBL 1.x on it. and do small adjustment. And wow this is now cutting sow much better. its time to make some box for electronic and change some cables to proper one.  but at least I can use it without fighting.

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