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    I’m an Aircraft Mechanic, Energy Engineer, Tinkerer and Beginning Woodworker…

    Thanks to Ryan for this amazing design and providing such a great website and forum for sharing.  I’ve been working on my MPCNC off an on over the past 24 months and have gone with a “Fluke” black and yellow theme.  I’ve added a few modifications from various postings on Thingiverse as you can see in the photos.  I got started into 3-D printing almost 10 years ago when I was a student of Mark (who is a professor at the University of Washington team doing group builds of the MP3DP.)

    Next MPCNC Steps:

    • Z-axis drag chain
    • End-stops
    • Construct a better control panel with dedicated cooling
    • Install laser
    • Enclosed bench with dedicated dust recovery

    Planned Projects:

    • Converting artwork from 2-d on paper into engraved/burned into wood surfaces
    • Cribbage boards
    • Engraved boxes with inlay

    #1 Question I have:

    I know that for laser engraving that there are some g-code generators that can convert images into something that a laser can engrave.  I have some artwork that I’d like to do that with, but would like to use a router and cutting v-bit to create the image.  The only problem is that some of this artwork has hundreds, if not thousands of lines and would take a very long time to convert using Estlcam, unless it has an automated function.  Any input from the V1 Engineering community would be greatly appreciated!

    In addition to the MPCNC, I think it would be neat to build all four of the V1 Engineering designs.  At this rate, it will probably take me 10 years.  🙂

    Again, hats off to Ryan, you’re a great engineer and thank you for putting your designs out there for others – we appreciate it!


    Tony from Walla Walla

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    That is a great build, and Mark is awesome for introducing so many people to the project! Welcome to the crew.

    Your 3D carves work by opening an STL model of it in estlcam.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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