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    Bob B Bobinson

    About 10 months ago I started this project with a semi-busted rambo (or so I thought), a Rostock V2 printer, and a whole lot of excitement.

    My first mistake was printing out all my parts with Carbon Fibre PETG. They looked absolutely sexy, felt stiff, but as soon as any stress was applied the layer lamination strength immediately caused part failures. Didn’t get far with that at all.

    My next few part runs I tried with Hatchbox PLA. It worked ok, was wayy stronger than the CF-PETG, but I was finding that it was giving me poor print quality and finish, and parts would quite easily break along the layer lines during failure, made them far too touchy when I was tightening bolts. As soon as a layer started to separate it split apart with almost no extra effort. Oh well.


    Finally I started using Ecotough PLA from and that has appeared to be fairly strong, it’s stiff and when I break test pieces it splits across the layers, not through them. I’ve found the trick is to used kapton down with acetone, then subsequently misted with acetone again will keep your part stuck well, first layer is very slow (2500-3500mm/min) at high temps (230 nozzle, 70 bed). With subsequent layers at 205-215 nozzle and 45 bed.


    Anyways once I got that figured out I was able to make a push last weekend and get my 24″x 24″ system up and running!


    Hopefully soon (once I get a vacuum mounted with an enclosure) I can try out aluminum and other fun materials. The Fusion 360 PP makes using the MPCNC an absolute dream.



    first layer is very slow (2500-3500mm/min)

    3500mm/m is just about  twice as I print at the fastest and the first layer is 50% speed for me. an I print at about 218 for all PLA, kinda sounds like you are too fast and too cold to get proper layer adhesion.

    Congrats on the build though!

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