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    I have to do a milling machine project, initially the project has a working table of about 3000x2000x *** [mm]. Am I able to do it on this construction? I’m going to mill only technical foam, polystyrene foam or similar. Making molds for drones.
    1. Is there an example of how the supports on the x and y axes would look like?
    2. how high accuracy can be obtained on this device, suggesting that it will be my first time (does not expect a great value)
    3.Weigh axes, we can give support but what about the internal ones?
    4. I would like to go in the direction of such a miller rather than a plotter
    5. must there be some advanced equipment for milling these materials?
    6. If it can work, do you have any advice on what to look for in order to strengthen the constructions?

    Thank you very much for every answer. I know that the idea was a bit crazy, it was not mine. I have to try it for a pass, let me know if it makes sense to do it. how big a working field did you manage to make?


    I am very sorry if I repeat topics, there are a lot of topics



    That’s big even for a lowrider.  I don’t think this will work.  Could you go narrower and just glue the forms together?

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