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    Carpet cleaning?  What does that have to do with an MPCNC build?  I thought I would share the short story of how I ended up here since I don’t come from the CNC world and had never heard of an MPCNC nor witnessed a 3D printer in action until about a week ago.

    The Obvious Pathway From Getting Your Carpets Cleaned -> MPCNC (Step By Step)

    1. In late summer I was too cheap to replace my office carpet so I thought I would get it cleaned.  As such, I had to empty my office of a bunch of mismatched furniture.
    2. Once the room was empty, I thought to myself.  I see a lot of people building their own rustic furniture.  May I should do that?
    3. I then discovered the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig and a variety of barn-wood staining techniques. I made a bunch of stuff for friends, family, and me.
    4. I was then was lucky enough to win this year’s match play series at my local golf club.  They don’t give you a trophy so I thought I would make myself a coffee table with something engraved in it.
    5. I found it hard to get something done at a reasonable price, but stumbled across someone who did.
    6. I asked him what he used, he said “Just Google MPCNC, and btw 3D printers are cheap now”.
    7. I did just that…and “presto”…I started my MPCNC build.


    I am just printing parts now.  I figured I better get that done before order the kit from V1.  Things going well so far (tons of Googling of course).


    I think I still need new carpet


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    Ah yes, the endless rabbit hole that is making/tinkering!  Enjoy the build! 😀



    That is a pretty cool breadcrumb trail of how you got here.

    Like the style of furniture, can’t wait to see what you make!



    Welcome, and a pretty cool use for theses cnc’s.  I’m another local to you and I know there are at least a few other mpcnc’s and LR2’s in the city and surrounding areas.  I’m also a golfer but have never played coloniale it must be either close or good if you’re a member there.

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