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    I am preparing to build a MPCNC. Reasearching the components

    I found this:

    Popprint kfb2.0

    It seems to be a replaycement for Ramps1.4 Mega 2560 and the DRV8825

    sound great to me in the first place, alltough it does not have any heatsink

    and if it breaks i have to totaly replace it.


    Can anyone tell me more about advanteges and downsides?


    cheers M



    Couldn’t find ANY info on this board. Also, not sure why it has “Ramps1.4” in the name, when its not a Ramps. Must be a Chinese thing. The shop you quoted doesn’t even care to rework the engrish item description they stole from aliexpress.

    Whats  the reason you choose this board over the cheap, widely adapted Ramps 1.4?

    What does sound great to you?



    There are a bunch of those 2 in one type boards. I haven’t tried one, but it looks to be imported and if it is will have all the same problems that caused me to stop buying the ramps, mainly component quality decline.


    ok thats fair enough thank you guys 🙂



    It looks like one of the Chinese BIQU boards. I haven’t tried one yet, but other than the USB chip (different than a genuine Arduino uses, so needs different drivers) and the second hot end heater output it should be workable.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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