Missing GCode Line?

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    Jose Olcese

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve built a MPCNC with a Rambo 1.4 (latest 402 firmware) and everything is working great.

    I just installed the LCD and I see a problem when the M0 command is issued. If you look at the following code, after the M0, there’s a  G0 Z5 F300. This step will be missed after clicking in the LCD if the M0 command is there. If I comment the line, the code will be executed raising the Z…

    Seems to be more of a Marlin problem but just wanted to see if anyone having this problem.


    ; *** START begin ***
    M84 S0
    ; *** START end ***
    ; *** SECTION begin ***
    ;Circular2 - Milling - Tool: 1 -  flat end mill
    ; X Min: -5.399 - X Max: 5.4
    ; Y Min: 48.6 - Y Max: 49.4
    ; Z Min: -3 - Z Max: 5
    M0 Turn ON 15000RPM
    M117  Circular2
    G0 Z5 F300
    G0 X-5.28 Y48.8 F2500
    G0 Z1 F300




    I think that is all dependent on you CAM and Post processor. What are you using for that?

    I am reading that as, Pause, (after the pause) display “circular 2”, move Z up. I think that is what is happening there.

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    Jose Olcese

    I’m using Fusion 360 with the mpcnc_posts_processor.

    Exactly, it “should” move Z up. But it does not. It’s like the line is ignored. If I comment the M0 command, the M117 is executed and also the Z is raised.




    If you go back one firmware version is it any different, that will tell you if it is firmware or PP?

    I don’t use fusion cam, in Estlcam you can see my pause script on the basics page, works perfect.


    Jose Olcese

    I have been troubleshooting I the problem seems to be my lack of understanding of G92 X0 Y0 Z0 🙂

    I had incorrectly assumed that when you issue the “G92 X0 Y0 Z0” code multiple times in different locations, Marlin will reset the coordinates to it but seems that only the first time it does it.

    Basically first time I issue the command, I can see on the LCD 0,0,0 but if I then mode the Z axis i.e. 5, I see 0,0,5 (which is correct).

    Issuing again the G92 X0 Y0 Z0, does not reset the LCD/FW to 0,0,0 but still shows 0,0,5




    Hmmm, Try G92 Z0 for the second command. I would think it would work more than once but I have not tried all three axis, I do reset Z though.



    G92 X0 Y0 Z0 works, I would suspect its something with the data being corrupted somehow. First thing would be to pull the card and inspect the file again. I dont know if there is a command to echo the file to serial, but if it did, that would tell you if it’s reading corrupted data. Or maybe a long sequence of alternating M117 and G4, and see if you spot any garbled or missing characters.

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