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    I’ve wasted enough of your guys time and I accept defeat.  No need to spin this thread to 20+ pages on my inability to make it work or annoy people with mindless questions over and over.

    That said – my attempt at the LowRider is over and it’s all torn down boxed up.

    I am going to throw the parts box on FB and anyone who wants them can have them at shipping cost.

    Ryan, Jeff and Barry thanks for your help.   It’s all good stuff in the right hands.



    Oh no. That is a tragedy.


    Rob Hart

    Damn, I was following this thread with interest and he has deleted his account too!

    //checks Fb for parts box…


    Dui, ni shuo de dui

    Why giving up so close of the goal?

    You were just a slight twist of a potentiometer away from succeeding, that’s too bad, really.

    Oh, apparently he deleted his account too… strange…



    ugh. I hate to see this man. you are so close. If by chance you have not actually torn it apart try just swapping the y-axis stepper driver with say the x or z to see if the problem follows the stepper driver. Keep in mind these 3 dollar stepper drivers are a dime a dozen. I have experienced the same issue as you in the past on my mpcnc. After swapping drivers to see if the problem followed the drivers or the wiring, I quickly found out I had a dupont connector that was flaky. I ended up using scotch locks to connect the wires vs the finicky black dupont connectors and voila problem was solved.

    your never a bother to anyone here man. thats what the forum is for.


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    Dude. So close, perfect cuts had even been made. Bummer.

Viewing 6 posts - 271 through 276 (of 276 total)

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