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    Mike M.

    Hey everyone!  My name is Mike and I have been a long time lurker of the MPCNC Project.  I built my first version a couple years ago when I first heard about the project.  I had a 3d Printer and had been looking for a CNC solution for quite a while and then the MPCNC popped up and I knew I had to build one.  I have really enjoyed the entire experience and want to thank you Ryan for sharing your creation with the world and letting us enjoy it!  I look forward to being a part of the MPCNC community and hopefully the MP3DPv2 community soon.

    I am running my MPCNC with a CNC Shield running GRBL and control it with bCNC.  I have upgraded to 1″ SS rails and a 400W Chinese Spindle that I am controlling the rpm with GRBL and g-code.  I also have a Dust Deputy hooked up to the spindle dust shoe and have my shopvac in a cabinet to help reduce the noise.  I am very jealous of some of the wiring other people have posted…

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    Sexy wiring shots and its already dirty….Welcome to the club!

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    Mike M.

    Here are some additional photos.  This is just the latest iteration for me – I started with the original design and it has been rebuilt several times into this 😉  Only real differences from stock is that I went to 9mm belts, SS 1″ pipe, and CNC Shield running GRBL.   I control the CNC with bCNC which allows me to use a wireless number pad to jog my machine around.  The CNC Shield/GRBL also allows me to control my spindle via GCode which I find cool, but not a game changer.  I am really enjoying the feel/options in GRBL/bCNC.

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