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    Mark Harris

    Hi all,

    What a blast this has been to learn and build. Thank you to everyone who put this together and all the valuable contributions by other builders.

    I went with 24″ pipes, requiring a platform that was 28″ square. The base is 1/4″ plywood with oak side rails to provide stability and insuring a flat surface.

    The size also allowed for easy mounting of the miniRambo under the surface and the LED screen on the side.

    The legs are temporary so I can get it working and debug. I still haven’t come up with a table to install it in, but at some point I’ll have to decide what to do.

    I ordered the wrong magnet and so I can’t see the ball tracing a pattern yet, but once I get the correct magnet I’ll post a video.

    I have been able to get the unit to draw a simple circle and to home properly. So I feel that I just need to continue the build to the finishing point where there is a piece of furniture.





    Cool! My zen is still sitting in a box from the move still. I need to get my butt in gear.


    Mark Harris

    Made my first images in the sand (baking soda).

    This was a simple pattern.

    I am really impressed by Sandify and all that its capable of. I grabbed an example Sisyphous .thr file and converted it, and it turned out great.

    I’m still getting use to the firmware and when you need to home the unit.

    Next step is to start in on the table frame so that is looks like a piece of furniture.

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    I am really impressed by Sandify and all that its capable of.

    Agreed, me too, every once and a while Jeff Gets too much time on his hands and it does all kinds of new stuff.


    Mark Harris

    Hi all,

    Project is almost done. I’ve got the table built and glass installed. I have the 3D print for the LCD display, but need to put that part together. I used a box of left-over hardwood flooring for the material. I used the Kreg pocket hole jig   to join the boards (along with wood glue). I ordered a piece of 1/4″ thick, 20″ square, tempered glass from Amazon and used the tongue from the wood floor material to create the shelf that the glass sits on. Worked great. I finished the edges that had to be cut with a matching stain and sealed.

    I installed LED strip lighting and currently having it fading between colors which seems to be a nice, calming effect.

    I had trouble with the belt skipping and steppers losing position on the table. On further investigation I realized that the magnet was dragging on the wood above. I removed one of the spacers from below the magnet and dropped the baking soda height, and now it’s performing flawlessly.

    It’s just about ready to take its place in the living room.

    Thanks again to everyone who put in so much work on this project. It’s greatly appreciated.


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