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    Armin Thinnes

    Dear all,


    during the last few days, I have developed and worked on a solution to  easily home, move, and zero the MPCNC (with RAMPS and Marlin, sorry, not working on GRBL) without going through the crappy display menu. I thought, a joystick would be nice! And in my son’s arduino megaset, guess what I found! 😀

    Arduinoo Nanos are also on stock so let’s go!

    From the way how the ESP3D project is controlling 3D printers I knew it was possible to directly write on the serial port. So I tried this with the Nano and it worked! Just snd G28 X Y to the AUX-1 port and the machine homes like as if I had used the menu button (except for it doesn’t say user coomand executed. Yes Ryan, there is a typo in the firmware! LOL! Search for coomand!)

    So I soldered the nano together eith the joystick module, some switches and some LED on a breadboard, designed a shabby but functional case for it and gave it a try. I like it!


    The full documentation including all sources (software, wiring diagram and OpenSCAD file) resides on Thingiverse.


    Her you can see the controller in action:

    Some pictures:



    If you have any comments, please let me know.







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