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    Dan Roesch

    I used two layers of 2mm craft foam and CA glue for the skirt. Each side can be removed independently for visibility.

    The parts friction fit onto the 611 plate.


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    What thickness is your 611 plate?


    Dan Roesch

    1/4″ MDF



    This is excellent, simple and effective.  I’ll be giving this a whirl. Thanks for the link.


    Dan Roesch

    You need to make sure your end mill has plenty of stick out or else the 611 plate gets too close to the work piece and the dust shoe interferes.



    I just made my Lowrider 2 and came up with a similar dust shoe. My prototype attaches with a couple of 12 or 18mm magnets to a couple of small bits of 1/2” flat bar on the 611 plate. I used 2mm closed cell foam from the local dollar store and stapled that to the edges. It contains the dust quite well, vacuums up the fine stuff and most of what’s on the workpiece. I cut the foam 2” wide with slits every inch or so. The single layer is enough and the fingers don’t get hung up on the hold downs. Once I establish my zeros, I raise the router on the Z axis, click on the shoe and push Go. It was easy to cut out of 1/2” plywood with the router machining spots for the magnets and rear mounted stepper. I may try to get it a little skinnier but for now it works well.

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    That’s interesting!  I wonder if a person could get away with attaching craft foam like that to three sides of the carriage with construction glue or contact cement.

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