Lower tool mount?

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    Kelly D

    My MPCNC is destined to carve ice very soon. However, in watching the test carve go tonight it became very clear that the tool mount and Z rail / lead screw setup are going to cause me problems. I’ll be using my long endmill bits (anywhere form 2.5″ – 5″ long) but even at that is looks like I’m going to possibly have some tool collisions with the ice. Is there a drop down mount for the DW660? Or better yet, does anyone know if a mount has been made for a Makita GD0600? That’s the die grinder I currently use (by hand).



    S Sauntson


    From what I’ve learnt it looks like your going to have to design, draw and print yourself a custom mount. I know this is not what you were hoping for.


    if I can be anymore help, just ask




    Kelly D

    I’m up for the challenge and fun in that but it never hurts to check first 🙂

    It does however realign the priority list in terms of getting the 3D print functionality set up or building up a dedicated printer. I assume I can just take one of the part files (the one that joins the bottom of the z-axis and accepts the tool mounts) into Fusion somehow and build onto it? Then remove the starting part and print? I could likely machine a suitable mount out of some sort of wood mind you……



    I think there is a file with the specific profile / dimensions for the mount, si you should be able to design straight from the basic sketch (depending on the 3D modeler you use…)

    Ryan, do you have a copy of that profile somewhere ? Is there an easy link to it ? If not, would you mind addig it on the site somewhere ? (In the FAQ or Information perhaps ?)


    Kelly D

    If you’re referring to the stock MPCNC part that joins the bottoms of the two Z-axis tubes that should be available for download on the site here, no? I would think I could just download the 3d print file and open it in Fusion? I’ll try this now and likely answer my question quick. Or are you meaning the Makita profile?

    You have me thinking….does anyone know of a resource for manufacturer files of various tool bodies or would something like that be held closely guarded?



    On thingiverse I have a blank tool mount available, as far as I know that is the easiest way to get started.


    Kelly D

    Yup – I’ve got it here now. I’ll muck with it….a good opportunity to learn by doing.


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