lcd screen bottom half only works when pressed on

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    Dan P

    The lcd screen that came from V1engineering with the rest of the lowrider has only the top half of the screen showing.  The bottom half is lit up, but otherwise blank unless you press firmly on the bottom half with your finger.  I’ve pressed in the plugs into the back of the lcd and motherboard as much as I can, but to no avail.  Any ideas?






    Dammit, #4…If you wouldn’t mind trying to give it a fix, the little black tabs that hold the glass to the pcb seem to be loose on a few of them. If you can just get a flat head in there and bend them over a bit and it should fix it, you can flex the two pcb’s apart a bit to get at them. If not email me with your order info through the contact form.

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    Fun times with problems from the manufacturer it looks like.  Ryan, when my new one arrives that I ordered for my MP3DP I will let you know if it’s a problem as well so you can go back to the manufacturer with some more info.  I’d also be more then willing to help troubleshoot with you if needed – I like to fabricobble (ie: break stuff).  lol.

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