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    Martin DB

    This weekend I was playing with laserweb ( use it in chrome) in my mpcnc.

    I’ve used this tutorial as my first guide¬†

    My laser is M106/M107 controled, so I configured in tool on gcode M106 S255 and M107 in the tool off box. With this simple settings laser cut and laser fill works great.

    Also I’ve tryed raster engraving…. here, there are no way to let LW to put the gcode in the format we need (, but with a minimum postprocesing (awk ‘{if ($1~/^G1$/ && $4~/^S/) {print “M106 “$4″\n”$1” “$2” “$3} else {print $0}}’ input.gcode > output.gcode) I can get some nice tests done.

    It’s a very nice software, may be with some contribution we can have a marlin friendly all in one laser software for our mpcnc lasers.




    Sweet. I can’t wait to try my laser out.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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