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    So wondering if someone who has a laser setup on their MPCNC if they can share with me their setup info and also does the laser have enough power to engrave/etch/cut acrylic and if so how think of material can it cut?

    I’d like to find the correct / ideal laser and get it ordered so I can knock out the laser add on this month.

    I’ve been trying to read older posts too.


    Sören Willrodt

    I have a 1W laser straped on the mpcnc
    It can easily cut paper, engrave wood (but then very slow)
    So i think you need some more power to cut acrylic
    But i can test it later today if wanted



    I have the Jtech 2.8W laser kit. I normally engrave poplar @ 82 (range is 0 to 255) and solid oak @ 70. I started at 100 when I was first testing and it went pretty deep. If you goto their website they list all the materials they cut (leather/wood/acrylic/etc.) at least to give you a baseline to start with.



    Martin DB

    Kris I have a Chinese 5.5 watts and can cut color 2.4 mm acrylic at 10 to 15 mm/min feedrate full power. I have not tried other width but I think it can cut 1 or 2 mm more with same pass.



    Which Laser is recommended to cut plywood up to 6 mm ( 1/4 ” )


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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