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    This is my first dive into the world of CNC milling. Super happy with the MPCNC so far, but still lots of things to learn and tweak.


    I currently have a working area of 600x600mm. I’m thinking about shortening the y axis to something like 450mm though. This is also the reason why I haven’t cut the MDF base to size yet. I’m still undecided on final dimensions.


    I use M8 t-track slots to clamp down my stock. I’m going to add a couple more tracks so I can more easily reach smaller stock with the clamps.

    I mounted my router directly to the z-axis tubes, without using the tool mount.

    This allowed me to push it a little closer to the gantry.
    To be honest, the difference in distance is so low that I wouldn’t do it again. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I doubt there’s any benefit.

    First cuts in plywood!

    I had to stop the first cut (on the left) due to chatter and the y axis drifting. After further inspection I noticed that I had forgotten to tighten down some of the bolts on the underside of the gantry…

    The second cut worked much better! 🙂
    There was some tear out, presumably because I was using an 8mm router bit. Unfortunately that’s the smallest router bit I own. 1/8” end mills are still on the way.


    Auto squaring rocks! 90° right off the bat.
    X and Y axis steps/mm need some minor tweaking, but this a superb starting point.

    The brains. I’m using a Duet 2 Wifi board. I love how you can reconfigure everything without the need of recompiling / uploading firmware. Everything is configured through gcode.

    Some minor issues I ran into during my build:
    – Using thick zip ties to mount the belts is a bad idea. They will never stretch out completely under load. Because of this they flex quite a bit during axis movement. Normal zip ties work much better. I ended up going with printed belt tensioners.
    – Forgetting to tighten down some of the bolts after assembly…
    – I can’t get 2 of the bearings on the XYZ parts to press against the z-axis tubes properly. I will make a post about this in Troubleshooting after I’ve verified that all bolts are reasonably tightened.

    Since I already owned the duet and the makita router, this was a very inexpensive build. This is such an awesome yet cheap design. 🙂

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    Your setup seems pretty well thought out and you are already get some seriously decent results. Welcome to the Crew.

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    Congrats ! I also live in Luxembourg and I am considering this build, may I ask you where you bought the pipes and other components ?!?

    Best regards –p



    I got the pipes from here:×2-mm-geschliffen-k320/

    Unfortunately, they won’t cut them shorter than 100mm, and I’m using 64mm on the Z axis.
    I ended up just buying a 300mm piece and cutting it myself using an angle grinder.
    Also be aware that they do not come deburred. You’ll have to clean up the edges yourself.

    I also made this list back when I was sourcing components:
    Hopefully that should give you some options.

    If you go through with the build, feel free to bug me if you have questions.



    I bought from here, 8 euro per meter (for 25×2) and 12,50 shipping for everything under 1,5 meter.

    They looked pretty good


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    That’s a much better deal. I wonder how I missed that when I was sourcing my parts.



    Found them by accident, ordered a week ago.

    I think it’s the cheapest there is for Belgium.



    Thank you, very kind of you! I was hoping to find the pipes at some local store, I guess shipping from Germany of a 3 meter pipe costs more than the pipe itself !?!?



    Don’t buy a single 3m long pipe. Have them cut it to size for you, it’s free. 🙂
    The shop Steven suggested will ship up to 1,5m long pipes for 12,50€, and up to 2,5m long pipes for 22,50€.

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    Did some first test cuts in hardwood (beech) today.
    Of course my phone ran out of battery before I could record any of the faster/deeper cuts.
    Ended up cutting at ~20.000rpm, 1800 mm/min, 5mm depth of cut on a 1/8” single flute china end mill. (chip load of 0.09mm)

    I stopped pushing it further because I started to notice some flexing… no chatter though. 🙂
    Some thoughts on the flexing issue:

    • The er11a adapter I use adds an extra 50mm of height to the entire assembly. That can’t be helpful, but it is stiffer than I expected.
    • Further tightening the belts helped. They seem to really like the high tension.
    • My belt mounts/tensioners can stretch ever so slightly. They were hastily designed; all the force resides on the threads of an m3 screw… Definitely worth revisiting them.
    • I’m fairly certain the main culprit are my XYZ Burly parts…
      Looking at them closely, I noticed they only have 2 perimeters, yet I intended to print all parts with 4 perimeters and follow the infill recommendations.
      I must have printed them with my default settings by accident, which are 2 perimeters at 15% infill…
      Going to reprint those with proper settings.
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