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    Hey guys,

    It took me longer than I had thought due to some changes going on in my life, but I finally have the whole table assembled and moving around. I’ve been loading my models into ESTL Cam and have been using Repetier to run the program. I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong when generating the G Code because, for lack of a better understanding, when the program runs in Repetier is seems to be running on a scale a 10th of the size. I loaded up the crown G code and it works fine. I checked the measurements in ESTL and Rep and they’re both set to inches. I have watched a few tutorials on ESTL and I think I’m doing everything the right way, but I am admittedly batting out of my league with this project and am having trouble understanding it all. I attached the G-Code if that helps. Unfortunately, I don’t have the lowrider at my house so if pictures are needed of the unit it self I have to wait till I get the chance to get back over where I store it.



    In ESTLcam there is a specific section for the firmware speed/unit settings, it should be set to millimeters and millimeters per minute. Setting this section correctly will generate the correct units for marlin


    You can still view everything in inches of you want, but Marlin defaults to mm/minute.


    It’s similar to when I use aspire, I can work in imperial or metric, but the final post processor  is in mm/minute.

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    Carefully follow the estlcam basic tutorial to configure estlcam. If it’s 25.4x too small then it’s certainly a mm to inch conversion issue.

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