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    Cosmin Varlan

    Hi, I printed with ABS. I know the dimensions are given for the PLA version but I like ABS more (and also don’t have any PLA). I scaled the model accordingly with the contraction factor (1.013 for my ABS type) so the dimensions are correct. However, the size of the IE-Roller-F is a little bigger than I expected. I scaled it to 1.008 and had the same problem. Even with no scale still having the same problem. I will post a small video and please tell me if this is ok:

    Thank you.



    Nope, too loose.

    What size is your pipe, OD?
    What part did you try and scale, the regular or IE version?


    Cosmin Varlan

    The pipe is 25mm (measured with a caliper).
    I am printing the 25mm IE version.

    I printed the Middle End and it fits perfectly (the original size, unscaled).
    Probably I will get some PLA and try to print it again with PLA (although I like ABS much more).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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