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    I have successfully imported a few Inkscape files into ESTLCAM but am having trouble with the one I have attached here. My goal is to carve a sign with this design. It was easy to create in Inkscape which is why I chose that route, but when I open the file (native .svg file) it does not show any of the objects.

    ESTLCAM version 8.505
    Inkscape version 0.91

    Performed an Object to Path command and got the 3rd attachment. Getting closer.



    I am running the latest version of Estlcam and was able to import the SVG file.


    Bradley F

    I generally do object or bitmap to path, and do the edge option. after that I just do ‘save as’ -> dxf and select the scale.



    I had one this weekend that things opened scaled all wrong in estlcam. Half the file opened at one scale the other half at another. But I exported it as DXF instead and then it opened just fine in estlcam.

    I still need to try the new version…I downloaded it but haven’t finished configuring it and setting up my tools yet. Looks nice though!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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