How much torque with leadscrew?

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    I could use your help.  I am wanting to use a standard Nema 17 stepper 76 oz/in torque (or two) to use as openers on my garage windows.  I was thinking of mounting the motors on the top of the frame and using a standard lead screw and attach the nut to the lower sash.  If I were to use the 300mm LeadScrew and Nut T8 4 start 2mm pitch 8mm/Rev. from your store, how much lifting force would I have?

    I know this seems like I am being lazy (well maybe a little) but I screwed up my neck a few years ago and reaching over my bench to open my windows to get a breeze in the garage is a real pain in the neck 🙂

    If all else fails I can just buy a linear actuator….but that is not nearly as much fun as DIY projects.




    I’m not Ryan (and a poor substitute, especially when it comes to mechanical stuff), but the leadacrew has enough torque to lift the MPCNC. At least the 5/16″ ones did. The T8 isn’t as big of a ratio.

    The trouble is that leadscrews won’t work at even the slightest angle. They bind really fast.

    If you’re not in a hurry, I would think getting a DC motor with a big (1:32) ratio gear and attaching a cable would be a great solution. Steppers also need drivers, and software to drive them. A DC motor could be attached through a switch directly to a power supply. Switch one way, up. Switch the other way, down. That big ratio would be slow, but it would be super tough.



    Agreed Steppers over complicate something like that. Drop in a few limit switches and it could be nice and easy.

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    Garage door openers work this way.  I agree with the other guys, use electric motors and limit switches, much easier to set up.



    Thanks for being kind to me and pointing out the obvious.  I have a few small DC geared motors that I am working on making some herringbone?? gears for to drive sort of like and extruder to see what type of power I can get.  I am going to start looking at the cable method to see what I can get to work that way too.  I really need to find something to see how much force it takes to break the window loose and then how much to maintain movement.

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