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    I have almost finished my MPCNC and I am still hesitating about the tool.
    I wanted to try some basic small mill with my Dremel before buying a router, but do you have advice about the speed to not break it
    Then I would switch to a more powerful router. I would like to mill wood and aluminium so I thought about these two routers:

    Makita RT0700CX3J (710 watts)
    Makita 3710 (530 watts)

    I wanted to buy the first one as it is the most powerful, but it is also the most expansive but I would like to have the better tool at the beginning to avoid buying another one later because it is not powerful enough.
    Do you think the 530 watts will be enough even for aluminium or is it better to be sure and buy the 710 watts?

    Thank you for your help 🙂



    Erwin Vigilia

    I wanted to make sure my MPCNC was tuned up/square/reliable and my CAM skills up to the task before buying a more expensive router. I purchased this for $17.99 ($22.99 reg) – if it breaks, big woop… toss it and buy another.

    There’s a mount for it on Thingiverse. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. I’ve got several hours on mine, and it hasn’t given up the ghost… yet.

    As for bang for the buck, the Dewalt is a better option than the Makita in my opinion. I plan on going that route eventually (pun not intended). Both are more than capable of milling aluminum. You won’t go wrong with the Makita, either – but it is more expensive. As for wattage, there are folks milling aluminum with Dremels… much less power than either option.

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    Hi, thank you for your quick reply and for sorry for my late.

    Thank you for your advice about the tool, unfortunately, there is no online store in France with this type of tools, but I will try to find a cheaper tool.

    I have made a lot of search to find the Dewalt in France, but apparently this tool doesn’t exist here, that’s why I chose the Makita.
    Thank you aganin for your advice about the different routers, I have found the Makita 3710 for about 50 € so it might be a good deal.

    I just finished to build it, I have some issues with the motors and other things, but I will create another topic.

    Thank you again for your help!


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