Heads up, Bad wire

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    Ernie Burck

    hey I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the Kastar ps,  the input side wire is really bad both ends separate from the plug could cause big problems!IMG_20190210_144004802



    Did it get cold, or was it just a crappy cord?



    Whoa, that is a first.

    Do you have a back up cord or do you need one?


    Dakota Jim

    I had a similar issue on the other end of that cord (the male end that plugs into the outlet) but it wasn’t showing metal, just the inner insulation. I just fixed it with a new grounded plug end.


    Ernie Burck

    I live in Maryland so yes its cold,in the teens at night, I do have another wire from an old laptop Thanks, I have never experienced that with any other wires before though.I would just recommend that everyone inspect their wires carefully now and then.

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