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    So when i go to mill something out, it keeps going far left. I used repetier and octoprint. I also tried in estlcam and fusion 360. Estlcam doesn’t seem to show me where my object is on the “bed” and fusion you set yourself and still not going away from the left. Can someone help me out? Not sure what i am doing wrong.



    Did you reset the origin after you moved the gantry to the start location, either by resetting the board or issuing the command G92 X0 Y0 Z0?


    Dakota Jim

    From the title I thought this was going to be about the first democratic cnc machine that would only mill anti-republican items.

    On the serious side where is your “home” point in your cam program? My estlcam defaults to the bottom left corner of the design but it can be moved if you want to. You aren’t using home in repetier host are you?

    I skipped the endstop option on my MPCNC due to I was too cheap to buy the Rambo board and after reading dozens of posts on homing I decided manually homing the end mill with all the power off was quicker and simpler.



    Does it happen using my crown Gcode?

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