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    I think I have everything I need except the printed parts which are now being printed.  Re-using the steppers from my 1st 3d printer.  I also have a smoothieboard and a 5th gen rep-rap controller, but I’m hoping the smoothie works out since I have to assemble the rep-rap board if I want to use it.  Got the drag knife and wiring kit from the vicious1 shop.  Next I think I’ll be cutting the conduit, but I have to decide on a size first.  😀  Definitely leaning toward the recommended end of the size scale though.






    Everyone says that. Do yourself a favor and start small, it will only cost you a few dollars in conduit to make it larger. Cam is not simple and the larger the machine the harder it is.


    Kevin Lopez

    Heeyy, bolt depot. That is where I get all my fasteners. Build small, then large. You can probably even cut the belt to the max sizes build you plan on having later on, but just tying it shorter and having it hang. Don’t recommend rebelting, it can take quite a while to get just right.



    Had a week of printer down time due to a failed power supply.  Back up and printing.  After reading the suggestions I’m definitely going with a small machine to start with.  Still haven’t cut any conduit.  😀



    After months of printing, I finally have all the parts, or so I thought.  Just discovered while assembling things that I never printed the nutlock part.  😛  Printing it now.


    It took months because sometimes I’d go a few weeks without printing anything.



    My machine is up and running. I drew a few things with a sharpie.


    My spindle and some bits came in from Amazon last night. ☺️


    I have pictures, but will have to post from computer.



    So the very first test was to draw some stuff with a sharpie (notice I didn’t even print the tool holder for the sharpie yet…).  The 2nd test was to carve something, but I was having a bunch of problems with, it doesn’t want to generate the tool paths today.  Anyway, I just used the motion controls to move the head around.

    I am going to evaluate additional software and see if I can find something I like better than the bCNC/jscut combo I’ve used so far.

    I need to finalize the control board position / wiring tie downs and such also.  It’s a bit messy at the moment.

    Any suggestions on controlling the machine from an lcd?  Can I just put gcode on the sd card and run it like I can with my 3d printer?  I don’t like how my laptop got covered in sawdust. 😛  I didn’t want to make the effort of wiring up the lcd (smoothieboard) if that’s just not a good way to use these.



    Can I just put gcode on the sd card and run it like I can with my 3d printer?

    I have no experience with a smoothieboard, but I run mine sometimes with the code on the card using the LCD to run it. (Ramps/Arduino setup)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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