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    With our long winters here we decided to make better use of an under stair space in our basement.  The kids love it and it was a fun project for mom and dad.  The super cnc made some fun stuff possible and it turned out great.



    Next is figuring out a good joint for a seating bench to joint two bench tops together.  I’m not sure I’ll do anything this complicated but I’m in the experiment phase and pine boards are cheap so test time.




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    Cool projects.

    I had a little brain fart, thinking how the hell do you cut a board into two pieces like that?! Then after a few minutes, oh wait, it’s two boards cut separately…



    I always want to see joints that can only be made by a cnc. No way you can make that joint with chisels or a bandsaw. There are some neat examples here too:

    Someday I’m going to make some furniture with a bunch of details like that, just to flex some CNC muscle.

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