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    Hey, i have just finished building my MPCNC, and im looking to attach a foam cutter needle with a brush less motor and ESC Controlling it, does anybody know if theres a way to control the speed of the ESC using the ramps board output and gcode. instead of me attaching a servo tester inline and manually controlling the speed?


    I know the ESC takes pulses, i thought about using the servo outputs, just unsure if this has been done somehow.





    Hi, I’m working on something that will do that in he future : a Foam Cutter Speed Controller.


    It takes 2 inputs : a servo tester’s output, and rotation¬† sensor (inductive sensor for now), and uses a PID loop to ensure a “constant” — that is once I’ve found the correct PID parameters– running speed (like V1PID).

    I plan on adding a third input (switched from the Servo tester) switch so that it can take the same outputs as done with the M3/M5 S (or O) parameters from the RAMPS, but I’ll need to see how to configure it.

    I’ll probably have to check all configurations threads which concern the LASER/Spindle commands. One small hurdle is I see the LASER/Spindle option is conditional on not using servos, whereas I use one for ZHoming/Bed Levelling


    There should be 3 modes at the end : pure Servo tester (or pot when I get one), PID from tester/pot, and  command from RAMPS.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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