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    Like most DIY I have limited space in my garage/workshop. So I wanted to pickup a flip table on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/300980573513?ul_noapp=true

    I have a few questions:

    a) does anyone foresee any problem installing lowrider on flip table  ie any issue having the setup vertical when not in use

    b) the table top is about 1″ thick. I read table top should be 4″ can I simply screw a 4×2 to the side of the table. I like to use the laminated table top as it help guarantee a flat and square top (I don’t think my skill is up to scratch to ensure a flat and square) I plan to drop a MDF on top of the laminate as the spoiler board.

    c) the stainless steel tube if my table is 4″ wide how long does the tube need to be, do I need extra ie 4.3″ and similarly how long should the Z-axis tube

    d) and finally for the angle bracket for the vacuum tube, if I buy the bundle does it include the necessary part to hold the bracket

    Sorry for so many questions, still in the planning stage






    a- I don’t think vertical to the side is a good idea, all the weight will be on one end and probably break something. if it flipped the other way I think you would be fine. Cool idea, might be perfect.

    b- adding a thicker rails would be a good idea, no more than about 4.25 total, if I remember correctly.

    c- There is a calculator on the build page for exact lengths.

    d- yes, it is pretty funky and loose but I havn’t bothered to remake it. I have been busy getting it dirty!

    Questions first are better than regrets later!

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    Thanks Ryan

    I was hoping to speed up build with an ebay solution. I will look into Steve Carmichael’s CNC fold table. Just have to build it 🙂




    I will make a frame with foldable rest and hoist it in the attic frame


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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