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    Many thanks for the design, the printing took a while, but it’s worth.
    My mpcnc is 90x80cm, has 25mm stainless steel tubes and uses a Makita router driven by Estlcam.
    I’m able to mill almuminium, not very fast, strictly speaking, very slow, but it works.

    With my 3d printer I had always troubles with overheated stepper drivers, so I decided to build an air tunnel to active cool them.

    The bed is made of 12mm MDF, except the top plate which is 19mm. I added a lot of Screw-in sleeves (every 10cm).

    I also built in an USB socket and a power socket for the router, and an emergency stop button (which also stops the router)



    Beautiful build!

    If you feel the need to stiffen the router for aluminium work, consider this



    Not sure that would work with the new version. Several of us have done aluminum without this mod.



    What size bit are you using? Looks like 1/4″ you might want to start smaller, less force on the gantry.

    Other than that, it is soooo clean hurry up and get that thing dirty jeez. HAHA, nice work!



    It’s a 3mm bit. Milling aluminium works, but maybe I had too high expectations depending the speed. I went to a technical collage (decades ago) and there we milled steel at really high speeds, but of course the mpcnc can’t be compared with those machines.
    Nevertheless I’m happy with my build, wood works like a charm, and while milling aluminium I have enough time to read Sten Nadolnys “The Discovery of Slowness”


    Martin DB

    Looks great!
    I also mill aluminum with my mpcnc. Wich feeds, doc and rpm do you use for milling the stock in your pictures?



    I think used Estlcam with the following settings:
    3mm milling diameter
    Z+ 1.5mm
    F(xy) 6mm/s
    F(z) 2mm/s
    25% stepover
    3% trochodial step length
    50% trochodial width
    0.05mm trochodial oscillation
    Makita router with #2 speed (could be 12000rpm or so)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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