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    matt thomas

    I figured out that most of my problems were caused by the tiny little screw pins in the pulleys were coming loose, so that the pulleys were slipping on the steppers.

    I noticed that I had to tighten them up every couple of hours.

    But I forgot for a few hours, and one came out completely, and I can’t find it. I expect it got sucked up in my dust removal, which I had just emptied into the main garbage, so there is no chance of finding it.

    I also noticed when I installed them, that at least some of the pulleys only had one screw, even though there was two holes. This one only had one, so now it doesn’t work,

    So for now, I have taken one of another pulley that had two, but I have a couple of questions.

    Are you meant to do something to stop these coming out?

    What are they called, to get replacement ones? Or should I just get new pulleys? Edit, they’re “grub screws” I think possibly M3



    Loctite. Blue will be removable.

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    I call them set screws. I bought a big package of various sized ones on amazon. I think there was a bpx of metric and a box of imperial. I find other uses too, like mini tuning feet for things.


    I had the same problem on my 3d printer and the local hobby shop sold them.  They’re used in RC cars and airplanes.


    matt thomas

    I got 3 x 3mm grub screws, and a suitable locking solution for screws that small. Thanks guys

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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