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    Cody Bakker

    Good day everybody,

    I am currently building my MPCNC. While I am printing the parts, I figured I would download repetier and estlcam and start learning the basics.

    I eventually figured out how to save the crown as a cnc program, and watching the toolpath preview in estl shows that the tool is moving correctly.

    I upload that cnc program to repetier host, but there are toolpaths missing from the drawing. I dont have a screenshot at the moment, but for instance, the straight lines on the cross are missing, and every other curved line through the part seems to be missing. When I chose to show all toolpaths, the gaps in the drawing come up as travel moves.

    Do I need to purchase the license from estlcam to get the full toolpath? Or is there something else I am missing?

    Thanks for any help. I will try to get some pics up later when I am not on my phone.


    Cody Bakker

    Reading through the forum a bit more I see somebody else has a similar problem. The cnc controller preview of the crown is spot on, so I know the code being exported is in tact. Maybe the issue lies with Repetier?

    I have a 3d printer, maybe I will load the estl code on to an sd card and give it a whirl? When I tried it on the 3d printer through repetier, it did not go through the correct toolpath for sure. The SD card route I think would help rule it out?


    Cody Bakker

    Welp, I think I figured it out, but please let me know if I am still doing it wrong haha.

    I went in to estlcams cnc program settings (i thought I configured this already) amd changed the preset to marlin, updated the file extension to say gcode, then unchecked all the boxes below that. I exported the cnc program again, loaded it into repetier, and voila, it is all there, but only shows up as travel moves!

    Is this correct? Once I have wifi I will load photos of my journey through this.



    Repetier thinks you are 3D printing. Any moves without extrusion will look like travel moves. The machine is just driving around with the bit spinning, so more important is the Z height. Is it does enough to draw/cut or up at the clearance height.

    I thought Repetier host had gotten better, and knew something about CNC, but it might still be buggy. If you follow Ryan’s milling basics guide, you’ll do fine with estlcam and rh.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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