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    I recently purchased Estlcam 10. I’m using it as a CAM and controller. It’s great to have an all in 1. While using the controller, I’ve noticed a few problems and or possible upgrades.

    Browsing through the gcode in the controller app is nearly impossible. There are times I like to start at a certain point other than the start. For example if I’d like to start at job 2 or tool change, I have to browse through thousands of lines of gcode to find it. A simple “find” or goto line# would be incredibly helpful.

    Another idea is to raise the feed rate from 100% to 200%. There are times I’d like to speed up certain jobs that I program to go slow for testing cuts in certain woods. After I see that it could handle going faster, I have to quit the job and go back and edit tool paths to speed them up, and then go in to continue the job. Other controllers like repetier can go to 300%.

    The one major drawback to using estlcam as a controller is the fine detail cuts. In repetier, I could cut a clock in about 20-30 minutes. When using estlcam, it takes around 3 hours for the exact same job. It slows down tremendously on the fine cutting. The only way iv been able to get around this is to manually edit the gcode to change the 5mm/s codes and replace them with something more suitable like 10 or 15mm/s. I know the software warns about lowering the cut speed and/or raising the inertia %. But the speed is limited by estlcam and not my machine. Any suggestions on mpcnc/estlcam with ramps to get rid of that would be appreciated.

    I asked Christian where the best place to go for suggestions and help with estlcam. He said this forum would be the best other than emailing him directly. Feel free to reply with any other suggestions for estlcam updates. Hopefully Cristian will read them.



    W.r.t. the 3hours vs 30 mins, are you saying the same gcode, with repetier and EstlCAM are different by that much? Without any of your 300% stuff? Is there a way to adjust the jerk in EstlCAM?



    Scaling your feeds isn’t the best case 10-20% is okay, but 100-200% does not work your accelerations will get all out of whack.

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    Christian Knuell


    I’ll put a find option on my todo list.

    Feed override above 100% invalidates all motion planner calculations and recalculating it in real time is too risky. The machine may fall behind schedule and loose steps.

    If Estlcam is slower than GRBL the parameters (mainly inertia and acceleration settings) are most likely just much more conservative.


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    Another suggestion to a problem I have seen come up a time or 2. Whenever Estlcam loses connection to the Arduino, whether it be from bumping the cord, or receiving an error of some sort from the Arduino, Estlcam makes you exit the program, unplug the Arduino, and restart everything.

    I have noticed that I can just go into Estlcam settings, reflash the Arduino and it reconnects automatically. Since re-flashing the Arduino isn’t exactly ideal, is it possible to just add a connect/disconnect feature into estlcam controller?

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