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    Tormans Elefernus

    Hello to everybody,
    I encounter the following problem when setting MPCNC up: When the tool is moved into material, the Estlcam controler interface with message USB error <1> is disconnected. No errors occur when idle tool runs. I use a 500W Chinese spindle with a 0-100V adjustable source. The source of the problem appears to be a interference from the spindle or spindle source itself. Did anyone encounter a similar problem? Where is your experience better eliminating interference?

    My setup is here. From left – Arduino/RAMPS controler with last Estlcam firmware, main power switch, power source 12V for steppers, power source 0-100V for spindle. Spindle power – red/blue wires.




    So you’re suggesting that when the spindle is using too much current, it is causing a problem for the Arduino. The Arduino has power from the 12V supply, but it’s also connected via USB.

    Some random things to test, really just to narrow down the problem:
    When that happens, do the stepper motors release?
    Have you tried probing the motor 12V supply?
    Do you have the Marlin LCD? It would be interesting to see if it happens without the computer connected.
    Does it happen when moving, but not cutting? Can you try making it cut without moving? (That sounds pretty dangerous).
    Have you tried the vicious1 Marlin firmware? It would be nice to eliminate software completely.

    The Arduino shouldn’t be losing power, because it’s getting it from the USB and the 12V. Unless the voltage regulator onboard is toast. A lot of them do end up failing that way. If you have a spare Arduino, that would be worth a try.

    This is a very interesting problem. Please keep us informed.

    Also, that is a great looking build. I really like the connectors and I don’t remember another aluminum extruded table frame. It looks very nice. Feel free to share more images/details in a build thread.

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