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    I’ve setup estlcam with the basic setup in the guide for the MPCNC..but I have a dumb do I make a new file? file just gives me the option to open something. Do I need to register the product?



    There’s no new. You always start with a design (either dxf, svg, or stl).

    I thought it was weird, since you can make letters in EstlCAM.


    ah, makes sense now! I was confused by the basic tutorial for it, which showed making that crown inside the program haha.

    fair enough, I’d rather use another program anyways 😛




    I just noticed that last night when I made  the paths for the Contest picture. I had to make an oval dxf just to place some letters. At that point it was also easier just to do the letters in CAD as well.

    I feel like we are missing something.



    The crown is imported as a DXF. It isn’t created with estlcam.


    ah fair enough, it just ‘seemed’ like it was from the tutorial! In any case, I’m humming along now!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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