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    So… I’ve built a 2Dx4Wx1H foot workable area machine (roughly 3Dx5W and height is crazy, 3 foot. top of z rails and motor)

    I’m wanting to enclose this to keep the dust spread to a minimum, and when printing, keeping ambient inside good. (and keep curious animals out)

    I’ve figured out all sides of the encloser, except the top. because tool etc travel won’t be over a foot, i’m estimating 18″ height.

    So I need to figure out how to cover a 59″ x 35″ area, while still accounting and allowing for the movement of the middle gantry.




    It really depends on needs and wants that you might have. But, my first thought is to go for cheap, easy and effective, especially if you are just starting and the machine is in a state of flux. So, with that in mind, a PVC frame enclosure with a tarp covering would be a possibility, especially if it will be used in a climate controlled area. Light and easy to lift off. If fire is a concern, I would cover it with cotton material. Easy to modify if and when necessary.


    Dui, ni shuo de dui

    Maybe you can get some inspiration from this awesome build:

    MPCNC my first cnc.

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