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    I’m just building my LR2 and have come across a slight problem with access to M4 nuts on the XZ Main to XZ &

    XZ Side Belts bits.

    I’m using M4 as specified as an option in the build lists but there is no room to get a small spanner on the Nylocs when tightening them (pics) – I have even printed one to try

    20190417_104929   20190417_105030

    Across the flats of the nut is 7mm and the spanner I printed is 15mm wide at its widest (as seen in the pics)

    Obviously, there’s ways around this in practice but just thought I’d give feedback for a future version.





    Most of us just jam a flat screwdriver in there to lock it in place.



    Yes! As I also did, but that wasn’t the reason for my posting the title, in part,  it read ‘Design….. Feedback .

    Most of you guys use probably using old imperial sizing – the rest of the world uses metric – I don’t know if these areas are perfectly sized for imperial nuts so this ‘problem’ didn’t present itself at I was just bringing it to the forums attention.

    As an addendum to my original post the LR2 mount to 611 plate also has this ‘issue’



    Kurt Knopp

    I’ve found the best method is to take a set of small vise grips and use it to hold the bolt at whatever 2 points you can get access too.  A little clumsy, but it works.



    A #6 nylon locknut is actually bigger than 7mm across flats, so it’s not really a matter of imperial vs metric measurements. I just used a pair of pliers, the slightly beefy needle nose ones.



    Most have to do it its seems whether or not we’re using either classic imperial or new fangled metric.

    I think Ryan has chosen strength in the rigidity of the parts at the cost of this inconvenience.

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