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    That looks great. I bet that filter bag on the HF will never need to be emptied.


    David Walling

    I’m hoping not. The planer kicks up a ton of shavings. I tested it out with the dust collector and had very little dust end up on the floor afterwards.



    Please tell my you are getting one of the dust pan ports. Those are amazing. The last shop I had even had a down draft table for hand work. It all seems excessive until you use it then it is just dreamy. Outfitting a fresh shop how fun.


    David Walling

    I do plan on putting a dust port on the ground right by the machine. The one tool I have that produces a lot of dust but not good collection is the lathe, which is right next to the dust collector too. I already played with this a little bit and it should work quite well.

    I snapped a pic last night while I was in the shop of the dust collector in it’s final state. You can see the flexible tubing between the fan and the cyclone and the longer tube running from the fan to the bags.

Viewing 4 posts - 91 through 94 (of 94 total)

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