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    Moebeast, of FliteFestEast MPCNC/needle-cutter fame, has a pretty interesting idea for modest Z-lift capability, suitable for needle-cutter or laser. He’s doing it for a modified LowRider and it incorporates a very compact MPCNC-inspired carriage design… look closely and you’ll recognize the MPCNC Z-axis stepper/pineapple/bearing/leadscrew configuration melded with back to back 4-eared roller assemblies. Check it out

    I’m also playing with it and am trying to see if I can retrofit my 2′ x 2′  MPCNC-inspired CoreXY with it… but I’m really afraid all the belts are too much in the way of the Z-lift assembly. I’ve printed the basic carriage body and am going to mock it up on my old camera slider rails (an advantage of repurposing MPCNC parts and retaining the rail spacings) to see what I can see.


    But conduit is so cheap and I’ve got so many MPCNC printed parts laying around that a new machine altogether — built around Moebeast’s carriage design — might be easier than retro-fitting an existing machine . How ’bout a Phlatprinter-inspired, conduit-and-printed-parts CNC design?





    That z axis looks interesting. I would be better if it could be removed/added without taking apart the long pipes.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)

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