Clarifying that I understand start and end gcode

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    Kelly D

    In Slic3r I’m adding this to the start gcode:

    G28 ; auto home all axis
    M140 S60 ; ensures bed is set to at least 60  <—- for some reason the gcode I’m getting out of Slic3r is not setting the bed temp to 60 even though it’s set in the filament settings

    And to the end:

    G1 E-5;retract filament
    G1 Z5;lift extruder 5mm
    G0 Y200 ; move print bed to front
    M104 S0 ; turn off temperature
    M140 S0 ; turn off bed
    M84 ; disable motors

    Just wanted to make sure I understand G91 and G90. If I had put the G0 y200 BEFORE the G90 it would have tried to add 200 to the current Y coordinate (relative coordinate). By adding it AFTER the G91 it goes to Y=200 based on the machines’ 0,0,0?

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