Ceiling Mounted Spring to Relieve weight of spindle

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    Matthew Kress

    I am in the process of finishing up my mpcnc. My cutting envelope is a little more than 36 by 24. I am going to be using a harbor freight trim router. In order to counteract the weight of the router and center I was thinking of mounting a line and a spring to my garage ceiling to sport some of this weight. The top of my machine to the ceiling of my garage is 5 and 1/2 feet and I was thinking of setting the tension of the line and spring to to about 3/4 the total weight when it is centered. My concern is that when the router moves from the center it will get a horizontal force. When the router is at x edges the max would be about 25% of the vertical force. Any thoughts on this plan? Am I crazy…..?



    I wouldn’t try this. ┬áThe line will pull it out of vertical when it’s anywhere but centered under the spring.


    Matthew Kress

    Ok, so you think that the force will make it not square (pull it out of alignment). That was my fear. When it is not in line with x or y I would think I would get that problem.



    Are you having issues or is this just in case? If you are using the lead screw you should have now zaxis power issues anymore, if you are you can just slow down a bit and gain some more power.


    Kevin Lopez

    Isn’t necessary, the z should have more than enough towing power. When we tell people on here that some routers are too heavy, we are usually referring to XY movement suffering because of such a high swinging mass. The lifting force of the Z is more than enough, especially if you have the new T8 leadscrew and run it on the slower side.


    Matthew Kress

    This isn’t for z lifting power, this is to help it not sag in the middle, and stay more flat across the whole working area.



    You’ll be fine without it. Just keep your z axis small.

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