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    Am I missing something (probably) but isn’t the calculator backwards?

    My table is 900x1220mm and I’m using the calc to work out my tube length cuts.

    However the number you have to type in are the usable width & length, which I have no idea.  Shouldn’t you type in the table size and the calc tells you your usable measurements instead?

    I’ve had to fiddle with the numbers to get 697x839mm so the calc then outputs my table size of 900×1220 and then the correct tube lengths.



    I could see it both ways. The thinking is, if you sant to cut a specific project or a specific sized material, what size do you make the table? After you’ve actually built the table, what size tubes do you need? That’s the question yourewtrying to guess. How did you come up with that sized table?



    Yes I guess if I hadnt built the table first then it would make sense.  1220 is a common sheet material size here in the UK and I got an MDF offcut at 900 wide thats all.  Although I may think about making it a bit longer now.



    I would add an extra couple inches to whatever the calculator says.. it will give you the exact minimum length.. with a 1/4″ gap to the table I found my tubes were indented 1/4″.  So if you build your table then decide you want to add wheel rails onto the side of your table for added width or something you aren’t buying tubes all over again.  It’s not like an extra inch sticking out is going to affect anything since the carriage sticks out like 5 inches.



    Kjell Olav Forberg

    I could use some advice as well on this topic, in the cut calculator there is a minimum table measurement. And I agree with OP that inputting table size would be convinient, at least in my case. But my question about that measurement is how accurate is it? I want to put my machine(when I finally get to the point of building it!) on a countertop which is 60cm deep and I was thinking I would make the machine 100cm wide. The width does not really matter to my question but in relation to the cut calc can I manipulate the numbers until I get a minimum depth of 600mm ish? Will it fit or how much less then 600mm should I aim for.

    Edit: Im building a mpcnc btw, I see now this is a lowrider thread I found it after searching for cut calculator!

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