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    First off, awesome design, thanks!

    I’ve been lurking for a while, my build is coming along. Smaller machine as I’m not even sure where I’m going to fit it – too much junk in the garage. 14″ x 14″ work area – 2′ x 2′. Printed in PLA on my home made Kossel Delta printer. Dual endstops with a MKS gen L controller and onboard RPi to feed gcode. Stainless sanitary 1″ tubing for the frame. Time for wiring.

    One question – should the lead screw nut go at the top or bottom of the center assembly? Seems like I’ve seen both ways but the instructions say to only put a couple of screws in it so it seems like it would need to be at the bottom to support the weight.

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    Im pretty sure nut goes on top of the center assembly. The weight of the tool puts the lead screw under compression and the small screws only prevent the nut from turning, not supporting the weight. On the bottom side the small screws would have to support the weight.

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    Yup top.

    I love it homemade everything, you are going to fit in well around here, welcome to the crew!



    Stainless sanitary 1″ tubing for the frame. Time for wiring.

    So is there a difference between your sanitary ss tubing and the ss tubing I picked up at the metal supermarket?

    From the name I would guess it’s made with higher weld standards for the food and beverage industry?

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    I’m not sure, it is .065″ wall thickness. It might just be the surface finish as food and beverage has regulations on that. I work in that industry so it was available and free.



    Thanks. It was a brainfart or the beer… I was looking at it like most of the mass would be the other way around but that all sits on the rails. Oh well, took the opportunity to re-print the Z-lower piece while it is apart. My bearing was a loose fit so I added a bit of super glue and got it off center. The coupling was a little strained. Par for the coarse

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