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    matt thomas

    I’m just putting my LR2 together. I just got it moving for the first time which was exciting 🙂


    When I powered it up for the first time, the screen didn’t show anything.I figured out what the issue was. The cables, or plugs, are wired back to front. Once I figured that out it worked.


    However, whilst it was not working, I though perhaps it was just a screen brightness issue, and I thought perhaps that cross thing under the left of the screen was a brightness control, so I stuff a screw driver in the cross, gave it the lightest of twists, and the top of it broke off! Doh!


    Now, I’ve done a bit of a google, and I can’t find what it actually is that I’ve broken off? Just the end cap with the plus shape on it has come off.


    Does anyone know?





    That is a potentiometer. If the other pieces are sill inside it should work fine.


    matt thomas

    So it is actually a potentiometer? What is it for? (I haven’t done anything besides getting a bit of movement so far)


    I’m surprised it broke so easily. The part that broke off does have some metal inside it, so I’m thinking it might have damaged it.



    I believe it’s for screen contrast but has no effect on some boards. As long as your display is readable I’d leave well enough alone.  There is some discussion about it here:,448609,page=1

    Depending on your build of marlin there can also be a contrast setting in your on screen firmware settings (Control->LCD Contrast)



    matt thomas

    Well at least i don’t feel so stupid trying to turn it to fix my screen 🙂


    Since the screen is working fine, so I’ll just leave it alone




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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