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    I’m considering building a 5 Axis cnc machine and am completely stuck when choosing the right board. Well, I basically built everything allready but now the electronics are the next step.
    As an example, the 4th and 5th axis will be moving like this:

    With two steppers for the z-axis and one stepper motor for the x and y-axis, I will end up with 6 stepper motors…..

    Actually, I am considering a RepRap Rambo 1.4, but am not sure if it would actually be working as the I/O slots are named x,y,z and E0 and E1… no idea what the E stands for. Any help/suggestions prior to purchaising the wrong board and ramps is highly appreciated!

    Thanks beforehand!



    I would start with a CAM package that can handle 5 Axis and see what and how it outputs it’s code. That is going to be by far the most expensive least flexible component of that endeavor.



    The FYSETC F6 board will give you enough steppers to do 5 axis, but as Ryan says the hardware is by far the easiest part. 5 axis CAM software is pretty pricey.



    Why you need two independent z drivers?



    Thank you all for your fast replies!

    @Ryan: First, I am using Fusion 360 as CAM software as it is for free (for hobby users like I am). I know it is not as sophisticated like AutoCAD/CAM 3D or Inventor, but it works for me.
    Additionally, Fusion 360 produces G-Code as an output file that is compatible with arduino boards. At the moment, my Arduino Uno and a GRBL v3.0 CNC Shield works fine with 3 axis; However, not compatible with 5 -Axis. That is why I first asked about the RepRap Rambo v1.4 board.

    @bill: Thanks alot for the advice!

    @guffy: I followed the setup of my 3-Axis system of the RAW 1.5 machine. When you google it, you will find it quite quickly. As it turned out, when I have only one Z-stepper motor, the entire system gets a little torque, tweek when using only one motor on one side, despite the fact that I used aluminum for the frame. It is most likely because the main difference from the Raw 1.5 to my machine is that I am using sliders and not wheels, spindles and not belt drivers. There are definitely easier solution, but as I cannot bring both Z-Axis cables (left side and right) into the same slots of the GBRL cnc shield… they are too tiny… I need to use two slots.



    You can wire it sequentially or in parallel

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    Kelly D

    I think we need to develop a new internet standard of practice that involves fair warning when posting a rabbit hole like that ; )

    Wow. My mind is going a billion miles a minute here….



    Well, when you take the red pill and stay in Wonderland you’ll see how deep the rabbit hole goes! … this guy definitely took the red pill 🙂 … but his construction of the 4th and 5th axis, though… Staying curious is all 🙂



    Ned van Geffen

    the problem (as stated) isnt really the driving of the 5 axis, or even the building of a hobby spec one… the probem is getting some computer software to give you some g-code or whatever to drive 5 axis. My friend does 5 axis machining at work daily, and the software they use is horrible but theres just nothing good out for 5 axis… and thats on a million dollar machine… as far as i know, there is no real hobby level 5 axis software option?

    i could be wrong, havent looked for a long time.

    p.s. e1 and e2 stands for extruder 0 and extruder 1 as thats what they will most likely be used for in the 3d printing world (for which the PCBs are designed)



    Well, I use Fusion 360…. its okay… autocad would be better!



    @Ned Van Geffen: Works fine as this guy proofs:

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